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Senior DevOps Engineer

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Senior DevOps Engineer


About Us

HATCH Studio is a fashion tech startup based in Amsterdam working on solutions for digital wholesale selling. Our core product is a digital showroom solution: a combination of SaaS software and locations with audio/video hardware that create a fashion showroom experience, but without the waste of physically producing sample clothing items going all the way digital instead. Think video walls, huge touch screen interfaces, sound system, etc.

Our core product, the Digital Showroom, is the leading digital selling product for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein and it’s been key in driving the wider digital transformation mission that PVH embarked on in 2015. With over 300 installations worldwide, drastic reduction in salesman sample production and billions in revenue generated through the Digital Showroom each year, HATCH Studio is ready to bring our experience from PVH to the broader fashion industry as a commercial SaaS offering with transformation services. Enabling wholesale selling to become smarter, faster and more sustainable.

HATCH Studio is now on the exciting journey of taking the proven digital showroom product that started its life at Tommy Hilfiger to the broader market as a commercial SaaS offering.

About the Role

As a senior devops engineer at HATCH you manage, maintain and own our AWS hosted development, demo, and production environments. You unlock the development team to build and launch a great SaaS product with a solid platform foundation.

You realise different development and production system requirements, such as continuous integration and delivery, monitoring, logging, backup / restore, access control, and others. You closely collaborate with development to establish opinionated idioms for deployment, delivery, and other concerns. Through this collaboration, you strive for the simplicity that allows us to stay nimble, while providing the right amount of freedoms to your development team.

You are conscious of the budgetary impact of our infrastructure footprint in relation to different growth metrics (number of devs, number of monthly users, number of customers). You provide detailed input and projections for budgeting and business case purposes.

You are the primary (technical) contact for external software vendors with whom we have commercial license contracts or other agreements, ensuring we enjoy the right vendor support where we need it at optimal cost.

About you

You are a team player by nature. You equally value contributions to our culture and to our technology. By being opinionated and humble, you can collaborate on solutions, constructively taking points where necessary. You are action oriented and care to get things done: if it is the team’s responsibility, it is never not your job. As a senior contributor, you are also capable of coaching others on the job.

You excel at infrastructure systems thinking. You intuitively take into account the interactions between infrastructure components and their implications on scaling, failure resilience, and maintainability. You define and execute on an infrastructure roadmap that incorporates short term needs as well as longer term vision.

Your proficiency at scripting, programming, and automation is such that you benefit from the automation of tasks and maintain reproducibility of automation through documentation, structure, and readability.

Your sense of operational security helps you understand the practical impact of design on security. You apply your knowledge of contemporary threat models and their mitigation strategies in day to day work.

Your thorough understanding of computer networking lets you define virtual networks that aim for the optimal way of passing traffic through the OSI layers; not just for the easiest way to connect A to B.

When it comes to software deployment / lifecycle management, your understanding of the path from source code to production deployment enables you to choose fit for purpose tools for each step in the chain.

You know storage systems and databases well enough to make trade offs between latency, durability, and consistency with the intended use cases in mind.


We believe that the fundamental skills listed above weigh heavier than years of experience with particular tools or techniques. Still, since you are probably curious, here is a rundown of the technology that we use today:

  • Cloud provider: AWS
  • Orchestration: Terraform
  • Source code: Github
  • CI/CD automation: Looking into Github Actions + Self hosted Github runners
  • Builds: Docker
  • Deployment target: Kubernetes (Amazon EKS)
  • Networking: OpenVPN, CDNs using Cloudfront, VPCs, ALB load balancing (some trickiness as we require authenticated requests against CDN for many assets)
  • Storage and stream processing: Couchbase, Redis, Kafka, S3
  • Auth: SAML and LDAP based on GSuite for internal users and JWT using Auth0 as a provider for our product’s users (to clarify, we don't host the LDAP, GSuite acts as one for us)