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Senior Software Engineer Backend


About Us

HATCH Studio is a fashion tech startup based in Amsterdam working on solutions for digital wholesale selling. Our core product is a digital showroom solution: a combination of SaaS software and locations with audio/video hardware that create a fashion showroom experience, but without the waste of physically producing sample clothing items going all the way digital instead. Think video walls, huge touch screen interfaces, sound system, etc.

HATCH Studio is now on the exciting journey of taking the proven digital showroom product that started its life at Tommy Hilfiger to the broader market as a commercial SaaS offering.

About the Role

At HATCH Studio you work on high impact use cases for big name brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein who use the digital showroom to drive the majority of their wholesale revenue. Our users sell over EUR 2 billion worth of merchandise through digital showroom annually.

As a senior backend engineer you are part of the cross functional core product team, which includes product management, UI/UX design, frontend and backend expertise, and infrastructure systems operations. You contribute code, participate in systems and technical design sessions, and share knowledge.

As a small organisation, we enjoy complete internal transparency. You are always in the loop when it comes to business developments, commercial processes, product roadmap influence, and other business impacts.

The development team’s focus is to build and productionize software features with confidence, meeting functional and non-functional business requirements, and maintain engineering agility. We do this with the product and market focus required to execute on a potentially volatile roadmap.

About you

You are a team player by nature. You equally value contributions to our culture and to our technology. By being opinionated and humble, you can collaborate on solutions, constructively taking point where necessary. You are action oriented and care to get things done: if it is the team’s responsibility, it is never not your job. As a senior contributor, you are also capable of coaching others on the job.

When it comes to writing code you balance engineering productivity and code quality. You apply the techniques of the craft such as testing, refactoring when necessary, and a desire for readability and maintainability.

As seasoned technologist, you have intuition and experience in (distributed) systems design and thinking. You build solutions with data protection and security in mind with awareness of today’s threat models.

You think through your designs with sympathy for the high level characteristics as well as the lower level implementation details. You do this in a way that exposes risk or uncertainty and can bring these parts forward, for example through prototyping part of a solution or addressing it with a broader design discussion with colleagues.


While we value fundamental skills over ultimate contemporary buzzword compliance, here is a run down of our setup for reference.

  • Backend: Golang services, built as Docker images
  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, atomic design
  • Infrastructure: AWS built with Terraform and some Ansible
  • Storage: Couchbase as primary database, S3 for assets (images, videos, etc.), some ElasticSearch
  • Deployment: Services on Kubernetes
  • CI/CD: Jenkins pipelines
  • Process: Two week sprint cycle, led by product management
  • Code collaboration: Github, simplified git flow, always merge through PRs with review
  • Auth: Auth0, JWT for request authentication, verified at the API gateway for access and at the backend services for authorization.