Platform Backend Engineer

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Platform Backend Engineer

At HATCH we're looking for a Backend Engineer to join our team.

Full-time · Amsterdam

Do you like to design the server side of applications? Are you intrigued by public clouding and automation? Interested in tool integration? Love the idea of working on a product that could change an industry? Keep reading!

Tell me more about the role! 🎬

HATCH is creating a product that pushes the boundaries of fashion. Because that’s our aim: to digitize wholesale fashion for good through the HATCH Digital Showroom (Trust us, it’s needed!).

This role is ‘Backend Engineer’ with cloud knowledge/appetite for cloud knowledge, tools integration and even 3D rendering.

We’re a startup, so it’s a bit of everything!

You will continue building and growing our cloud platform that can support dozens of customers, worldwide, 24/7.

You will be working in a team of talented and skilled engineers. 

Well, what’s your tech stack? 🏛

  • Backend: Golang services, Python, Django
  • Data: Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • CI/CD: Github actions, Helm
  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Styled Components, Cypress
  • Infrastructure: AWS + Kubernetes built with Terraform 
  • Other: Github, WebSocket, OIDC, JWT, gRPC, Prometheus, Sentry, Mixpanel, Lambda, JS, 3D Rendering

What about you? 🥁

Are you excited about the role? We hope so! Here’s what we’re looking for in you:

You are a team player by nature. Such a cliche for a job description, we know. But: we really mean this. Be ready to be given freedom in your decisions while always keeping in mind our team goals.

You are action oriented and care to get things done: if it is the team’s responsibility, it is never not your job. Good teamwork is the result of good individual work.

You have experience in designing, building and maintaining cloud-based applications.

You prefer writing code over using whatever cloud console.

You are up to the challenge of formalizing best practices, developing the culture, and coaching the team.

You like to share your knowledge. Visited a conference or a meetup? Read a cool book or a blog post? You know something better? We are ready to absorb it all!

You want to keep learning and developing yourself.

Aced the above? Apply! 🎉 Here’s the selection procedure in a nutshell 🥜

No need for long motivation letters, the only thing we would like to hear when you apply, is WHY? Why HATCH and why this role?

The first step in the procedure is a ‘coffee chat’ where you’ll connect with a HATCH team member by phone or video call. This gives you an opportunity to learn about HATCH and the role and us an opportunity to get to know you.

We will ask you to show some code. If you have a cool project (on Github) - that might be enough. Otherwise, we might ask you to do a small assignment.

Next step is the interview phase. There is a technical interview, where you’ll meet two engineers, and the one with Head of Product & Head of Engineering.

About HATCH 🐣

HATCH ( is a Software as a Service (SaaS) startup born from fashion and built for fashion. We are passionate about digitizing wholesale selling for fashion brands. We do so through our Digital Showroom & Transformation services, allowing for powerful moments between fashion brands and retailers; tackling the inefficiencies and waste of wholesale selling and making it smarter, faster and more sustainable.

Our HATCH Digital Showroom is used by big name brands in fashion like Tommy Hilfiger and Havaianas, who use it to drive the majority of their wholesale revenue. Our users sell over EUR 2 billion worth of merchandise through the digital showroom annually! And it’s our aim to remain the product of choice for digital selling in fashion, delivering an experience that is many times better than selling the traditional way.

Pushing this mission of digital selling is a close-knit, lean, high performing team with talent coming together from all over the world. From technical geniuses to product masters, from strategy sharks to transformation experts, the team shares a set of values that makes it an exceptional one:

  • Accountability
  • Humility
  • Honesty
  • Empowerment
  • Curiosity

See more about our values and principles on our website. 

What else? 🧐

HATCH is not your typical SaaS startup. We were born at PVH Europe and are the company’s first ‘corporate’ startup. Being part of a bigger company does come with perks. This is what HATCH can offer you:

  • Flexibility to work from home/office.
  • Cool office space.
  • Spending 10% of your working time on learning.
  • Hardware of your choice.

Access to PVH’s wide array of corporate benefits, including a comprehensive pension plan, company discounts and more.

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