Backend Engineer

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Backend Engineer

Come and work on a B2B SaaS product for the fashion industry


What is the role about?

At HATCH you work on high impact use cases for big Fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Havaianas who use our product, the Digital Showroom, to drive the majority of their wholesale revenue. Our users sell over 2 billion euros worth of merchandise through digital showroom annually.

In our small organisation, we enjoy complete internal transparency. You are always in the loop from business to technology. Read more about HATCH and our values here.

You will be part of our cross functional core product team, which includes product management, UI/UX design, frontend and backend expertise, and infrastructure systems operations.

As a backend engineer, you will contribute code, participate in system and technical design sessions, and share knowledge. You can also expect to dab into the infrastructure from time to time as we consider that a team effort.

What about you? 🥁

You are a team player by nature. Such a cliche for a job description, we know. But: we really mean this. Be ready to be given freedom in your decisions, while always keeping in mind our team goals.

You are action oriented and care to get things done: if it is the team’s responsibility, it is never not your job.

Brainstorming ideas before implementation is something you will see regularly in our small team. We like being opinionated, humble and we are always open for feedback - we expect the same from you.

You have intuition and experience in (distributed) systems design and thinking. You think more than 1 step ahead and can explain your thought process to the rest of the team.

You like to share your knowledgeVisited a conference or a meetup? Read a cool book or a blog post? You know something better? We are ready to absorb it all!

When it comes to writing code you balance engineering productivity and code quality. You value readability and maintainability more than some abstract rules and are ready to stand for you decision. 

Last but not least - THE STACK💻:

We work with the technologies that are best suited to solve our customer's problems & create value - that's our first priority. While this is a constantly evolving list, here's the current overview of the technologies HATCH leverages for the Digital Showroom:

  • Backend: Golang services, built as Docker images
  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, atomic design
  • Infrastructure: AWS + Kubernetes built with Terraform
  • Storage: Couchbase as primary database, S3 for assets (images, videos, etc.)
  • CI/CD: Github actions (in progress)
  • Process: Two week sprint cycle, led by product management
  • Code collaboration: Github, simplified git flow, always merge through PRs with review
  • Other: Auth0, JWT, Redis, Prometheus, Sentry...

Excited about the above? Apply! 🎉

No need for long motivation letters, the only thing we would like to hear when you apply, is WHY? Why HATCH and why this role?