Backend Developer

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Backend Developer

We are looking for a talented Backend Developer that will join the efforts in building highly performant and scalable systems that power our digital user experience.


Hey, you have done this before:

  • You are a passionate programmer that cares about building scalable, performant and robust systems;
  • You have strong accountability for maintainable, clean and tested code;
  • You have experience in executing full lifecycle software development - from design to deployment and monitoring;
  • More specifically, you have experience in building microservices; ideally deployed in Docker containers on Kubernetes;
  • You are an enthusiastic Gopher (we would really like that);
  • You know a thing or two about the technologies we use in our stack.

Let’s do it even bigger and better:

  • You will help architect, build, deliver and maintain the microservices that make up our backend;
  • You will ensure the performance and quality of our microservices and the system as a whole;
  • You will help build a high availability distributed system in the cloud (IaC anyone?);
  • You are encouraged to explore new technologies for creating new applications or improving existing ones;
  • You are encouraged to share the knowledge with your teammates. The newly explored or anything you deem interesting - we’d love to hear about it!

We work with modern technology & principles - we:

  • Write our backend in Golang
  • Write our frontend in TypeScript using React
  • Communicate in GraphQL
  • Containerize with Docker
  • Orchestrate with Kubernetes on DC/OS
  • Connect our microservices with Kong
  • Pipe data with Kafka
  • Store & distribute data with Couchbase
  • Distribute media assets using Resilio
  • Monitor with the Elastic stack
  • Build in Bamboo (but are looking to switch to something more Docker-
    focused like CircleCI)
  • Automate with Terraform & Ansible

But we love challenging our assumptions and decisions, so if you have an
improvement and can convince the team, we’re all ears!

Hatch is a tech studio that thrives on constant change.

Change is what pushes us forward. As people. As a studio. As an industry.

Our mantra is learn, grow, repeat and it’s a concept that we take quite literally. We believe that there’s only one way to keep pace with the speed of innovation — and that’s to learn every day, grow every day and experiment every day. It keeps us fresh and hungry. Just the way we like it